This is Aesthetic Activist, a collection of pixels and code that have been arranged in a specific fashion for your pleasure and stimulation.

The proprietor of this space is one named Johnny Invidia, and it is he who is responsible for these deft and dangerous acts of aesthetic savagery.

While his creative components are rarely fully dormant, they will occasionally rise in resplendent and ferocious glory, much to the doom of the dilapidated and the destruction of the dull. It is precisely during these episodes that most of the art you see before you came into existence. It should be noted however, that the forces that drive these displays of artistic splendor are highly temperamental, and as such, updates can vary in frequency.

But first and foremost, Johnny Invidia believes in the power of the visual device to affect change. Art can be a highly effective weapon in the effort to raise focus and support for the issues that surround us. He attempts to leverage it for that very purpose, for he believes that without forward motion change cannot be realized. His motion comes in the form of the visual displays before you. This is his outlet, his retreat, and his endeavor.

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